Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fresh Eggs for you

1.       When you first saw the initials LOL, did you think it meant ‘laughing out loud’ or ‘lots of love’?
2.       Regardless of your answer, it is falling into meaninglessness because people are using it as a punctuation mark for what they say on social media. Too many posts end LOL and I can’t help thinking, ‘Why are they laughing?’
3.       Watching Joyeux Noel, a dramatization of the time when German, French, and English troops held an impromptu truce Christmas Day 1914, I wonder what would have happened if they had laid down their arms and refused to fight any longer.
4.       But that is iron pyrite in the affairs of men—fool’s gold. When you can’t persuade people by the merit of your ideas or the power of your personality, you will enforce by … force.
5.       The most tragic conflicts in the world are taking place in Nigeria, South Sudan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
6.       Fresh water, so abundant upon the Earth, is a limited resource. I understand fracking and extracting oil from rock, but even so, it seems like we are using up something vital to our survival.
7.       For instance, the Chinese divert so much water from the Yellow River it rarely deposits anything into the sea. Don’t sneer, we Americans and Mexicans do the same thing to the Colorado.
8.       For the second time in his Presidency, I can give unrestrained kudos to President Obama. The first was the courage he displayed in authorizing the mission to go for bin Laden. The second, his opening of relations with Cuba. The Castros won’t last forever. Everyone realized that when they passed from the scene, a new era in relations would open between the two countries. Obama is positioning the U. S. to be in a better position when that happens.
9.       Stop quoting MLK, Jr. at me. If he was still alive, you wouldn’t like what he would be saying now, white people or black people. We can’t move forward when we live in the past.
10.   The greatest sermon I ever heard was by a preacher named Ken Young, who talked about four types of churches: mausoleum churches, museum churches, merry-go-round churches, and mission churches.
a.       Mausoleum churches are dead. They enshrine the past and exist only as a monument to those past glories. “It will never be the same.”
b.      Museum churches aren’t dead, but they live on past memories. “Remember when so-and-so was live?” or “When such-and –such happened?”
c.       Merry-go-round churches exist for the current membership. They are all about social events and having fun. The pot-luck is their high ceremony. As a result, they never see the need that exists around them.
d.      Mission churches are those that embrace the great commandment to go out and make disciples of all people.
11.   The gloomy skies hanging over Florida remind me of why we have festivals this time of year. Face it, Christians, there is no historical evidence that Christ was born at this time of the year. But at the Winter Solstice, when sunlight is at its least strength (Northern hemisphere), it is a depressing time. We had to invent something to keep from going mad. Christianity took over because … the Romans had too much fun … ‘nough said.

12.   Whoo, boy, did I just step in it?