Friday, May 13, 2016

Fresh Eggs

Random whimsy on a Friday the 13th:

Here’s another dozen random thoughts tossed out for your breakfast omelet:
1.       Happy Triskaidekaphobia! Having enough trouble teaching 9th graders how many sides a dodecagon has, I will leave your word alone.
2.       Rahm Emanuel has one purpose: he makes the Clintons look good.
3.       Law of Averages: a thick-skinned Donald Trump will succeed the thin-skinned Barack Obama. How else can you explain his obtuseness toward his hypocrisy in about everything he proclaims, yet he rides high in the polls?
4.       New Twitter game: attract the Donald’s attention and get your very own personal insult.
5.       Hmmm, hope he doesn’t read this and think it’s a swell fundraising idea.
6.       Jacksonville teachers need to organize with parents for the next Walk In to School Day.
7.       Every 8 to 10 years, change out the political party in power. Otherwise, they grow arrogant and stop listening to the voters. A longer post is coming on this one.
8.       I don’t like snakes either, but the black indigos? They’re the good ones. Don’t kill them; keep them around and the poisonous ones will stay far way.
9.       Lenny Curry clipped the wings of John Keane in reducing his obscene pension through executive action and now I am willing to listen to his argument to increase taxes to solve Jacksonville’s pension problem. He could grab more of my attention by replacing the Pension Board that authorized the illegal pension in the first place, funded it 100% by diverting contributions from the rank and file’s pension, so that they remain funded at only 48% or thereabouts, and tried to keep it secret.
10.   We’re not Chicago, but we’re trying?
11.   We’ve had too many motorcycle deaths in the last week. Yes, bikers, we should look out for you but could you police your ranks and insist that riders wear helmets and obey traffic laws? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

12.   When the old owl goes to hooting in the early hours of the morning, the dog slinks under the bed. Some days, we want to join her, don’t we?