Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fresh Eggs, October 15, 2016

Short, sometimes random and unconnected thoughts about current events.

1.       The Donald Trump imbroglio is NOT a HE said/SHE said situation. The internet needs to stop its attempts to discredit the women who are publicly acknowledging they were victims. It is not their word against his denial. We have his confession, and it is on tape.

2.       There is locker room talk in which strutting males make up wild tales to impress their locker mates, and then there is locker room talk in which males brag about what they did.

3.       God says he didn’t choose either candidate, he doesn’t approve of either, and wishes we would come to our senses. (Everyone else tries to speak for God—why shouldn’t I have a go at it?)

4.       The thing about false prophets is that they are sincere. They really believe what they say.

5.       How do you tell a false prophet from a true one? The things true prophets say come true. The problem is it takes decades, sometimes centuries to discern that.

6.       Vote your conscience. I’ve been saying that for months; let me amend it. LISTEN to your conscience.

7.       Yep. Shut your mouth, find a quiet place, and listen to the “still, small voice” that is speaking to you.

8.       A new definition for hypocrisy: Rick Scott talking about his commitment to clean, fresh water in Florida.

9.       Latest update on the Wells Fargo scandal: the low-level employees who were pushed by upper management to commit fraud, protested, reported ethics violations, and were fired are unable to find jobs in the banking industry. Seems the banking industry has a reporting system in which they file a document stating why they fired the employee. This blacklisting leaves these employees unable to find work that pays a sustainable wage.

10.   Whistleblowing comes at a cost.

11.   Although this is a situation crying out for a junkyard dog, class-action happy, ambulance chasing attorney to take on.

12.   Don’t cry about what Hurricane Matthew did to you if you don’t know that Cat-3 Hurricane Nicole struck Bermuda right at the center half a week later.