Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fresh Eggs, November 5

1.       The Philippines: this is what a War on Drugs looks like. Can’t say I approve.
2.       The 2016 election outcome is still hot, heavy, and contested … judging by the number of spam emails in my personal inbox.
3.       Everyone says they can’t wait for Wednesday, November 9 because at last, at long last, it will be over. Just like it was in 2000.
4.       Ha! Do you really think the Trumpster will readily fade away after all the attention his attention-seeking self has been soaking up for the last 18 months?
5.       Trump still stumping for those last 2000 names on the wall. Geez, this has been going on for over two weeks. Polls tightening? But Trump is unable to get only one person to give $49? #Americansaren’tasdumbashethinks
6.       Aren’t hash tags great fun when you can use them to express an opinion you can’t put into your main post?
7.       As I delete, delete, delete my email, I wonder why I cannot get a good gig creating compelling donate-to-me political emails for the big bucks. IJS, I can do much better than the crap that assaults my eye demanding money in the brief moment before my computer gets it off the screen.
8.       INTEGRITY. Thanks, world, for reminding me.
9.       About those hash tags: in front of a numeral, it indicates number; in back of a numeral, it means pounds. Share this with the nearest teenager when you are missing those wonderful eye-rolls only a teenager can do.
10.   Brave New World: I don’t need to hang on my computer to find out the votes Tuesday. All I need to do is ask Alexa (Amazon’s Echo bot that works off my wireless connection).
11.   It’s easy to turn the clock back or forward. But this old body can’t turn its biorhythms back and forward so easily.

12.   When in doubt, root for the Cubs. Every hundred years or so, your ship comes in.