Sunday, June 18, 2017

Are You More than a Test Score?

It is a traditional practice of mine to ask my students to reflect on their learning, their struggles, and their experience in my classroom at the end of the year, including questions about what I did well and what I did poorly. Of course, I disguise those questions to keep it constructive: What would you keep? What would you change?

This year, I also asked my Algebra 2 students if they were more than a test score. Here are some of their responses:

  • Yes, not just a test score, but more than a GPA.
  • I know that I am more than a test score, but I still struggle with accepting a bad score as I've been raised to strive for the highest grade and that a bad grade isn't acceptable.
  • Yes, I am more than a test score; test scores don't define who I am.
  • I am more than a test score because a test can only measure your ability to follow directions and comprehend. It doesn't measure your knowledge or the ability to learn.
  • Yes, because mostly tests are just pieces of paper. Education is mostly just how well a person uses their knowledge. Not how high of a number they got.
  • Not at this point.
  • Probably not.
  • I think test scores define and show what you know, so if you do poorly on the test, you most likely are doing poorly in the class.
  • Yes, I am someone who wants to learn.
  • Yeah, of course, but some teachers don't see it that way.
  • Yes. I think tests should be informational because students have bad days on test days. That goes with any ACT, SAT, or final. I am an intelligent young man who can study hard and learn.
  • No.
  • Test scores don't really define anything but the information that you remember.
  • Yes, I am not a good test taker.
  • Yes! I am myself. A number will not determine who I really am ...
  • Yes, I am more than one test score. I tend to go blank on tests when in reality, I know the info and have paid attention in class and have done all the classwork and homework. A test score is just a number. It tells nothing of a true person's personality, work ethic, intelligence, and more. Therefore, it should not define us.
  • Everyone has varying abilities, and some abilities cannot be measured by filling in bubbles on an answer sheet.
  • Throughout my years of hardships in school, nothing and I mean nothing has brought me down more than having low test scores. I truly believe I am much more than a test score. It does not define who I really am.
  • Yes, I'm a student whose mental ability shouldn't be determined based off of a test from two years ago. But the school board only sees us as test scores. They see us as that because they want their schools to be seen as the ones that can help your child succeed in life, but the truth is that they only care about your test scores, not if you have the skills to make it in life.
  • Yes, I am more than a test score. A test score does not define my worth.
  • I do think I am more than a test score. I typically fail most of my in-class tests but I do well in other areas like homework and projects that show my skill level. Some people aren't good test takers and blank on exams, but they're still smart.
  • I don't like taking tests because you can practice one thing and get it, but when you get the test, it's way more difficult and nothing like what you studied, and test scores are how we are judged.
  • Yes, I am, I believe that I do my best work when I'm not under pressure and I make better scores on assignments.
  • Yes, I am more than a test score. I am someone who would like to receive a great education so later in life I can go on to get a great job that I like and will support my family.
  • I would like to say yes but unfortunately, that's not realistic.