Monday, September 1, 2014

Fresh Eggs, 9-1-14

I took some time off from posting, but I am back. Since I've missed the regular schedule, I’ll get some bonus posts up. Today is Fresh Eggs, a sampling of random, unconnected thoughts in short bullet points:

  • ·         It’s amazing how the body uses many muscles to accomplish the most ordinary of tasks. We never know how many muscles we are using until one of them becomes sore. Then, how we do feel it!

  • ·         Israel opening up 1000 more acres of West Bank land for settlements means that the current government has given up on having a meaningful peace process with the Palestinians.

  • ·         Vladimir Putin will not stop playing footsie with the West until the West stomps on his foot. He is a masterful politician, the best of this generation, but that doesn’t make him unstoppable.

  • ·         As long as teachers support the Democrat Party, without questioning its agenda and policies that hurt them, the same Party will take them for granted. Stop voting for them! The same is true for African-Americans. Seriously, what has the D.P. or the current President done to help them in the last six years?

  • ·         Jack and nada.

  • ·         Why is it that some workers do not have a holiday on Labor Day, the day set aside to honor the American worker? I can wait until Tuesday to have my trash picked up.

  • ·         When I was a kid, grocery stores closed on all major holidays. They would put signs up the week before: Get your barbecue and beer now because we will be closed to give our employees the day to spend with their families. I miss those days.

  • ·         One bad apple doesn’t spoil the barrel, but it does cause people to turn up their noses and get their food somewhere else. Human beings will judge all apples by the example of the bad one.

  • ·         Three generations from now, the Surgeon General will pull a 1964 and warn against the use of marijuana. Cancer stick, anyone?

  • ·         Power has been flowing to the center for a very long time. School boards have very little authority left: they can pick superintendents and fire misbehaving employees. Everything else is decided in state capitals and Washington, D.C.

  • ·         Small municipalities that sell utilities to their citizens have no tolerance for unpaid bills. They cut them off very quickly. Commercial enterprises, under regulation, are far kinder.

  • ·         Fresh eggs expire quickly, and these thoughts are no different. They are good for the moment, but events move quickly. That’s what makes a blog like this one difficult: I seek to write after long contemplation. Many drafts quickly become outdated and irrelevant. But I will soldier on.