Friday, February 3, 2017

Fresh Eggs post Groundhog Day

1. Every time people talk to me about "failing schools," I ask them how they know. They don't have an answer.

2. Donald Trump doesn't want to destroy public education; he wants to sell it to the highest bidder. And he found Betsy Devos, who has more money and willingness to do the job than anyone else.

3. Playing silly games on my tablet, I find that they often provide events that 'get people around the world working together to accomplish common goals.' How can we get our political leaders to do that?

4. Do not call Donald Trump a fascist or a Nazi. Even Hitler gave the German people health care.

5. I would like to extend an open invitation to Puxatawney Phil to relocate to Jacksonville. Our winter hasn't started yet.

6. About the nomination of Betsy Devos: as we say in the education biz, she doesn't know that she doesn't know.

7. I think we could say the same of Donald Trump. Hey, that's under the 140 character limit, hee-hee.

8. After 30 years of educational reform, the golden age has not arrived. When do people begin to think that it's not working?

9. Opportunity cost is an economic concept that when you decide to do one thing, you lose the opportunity to do something else. Specifically, when you decide to give another test, you lose the opportunity to continue learning in the classroom. Hmm, is there a school district that has lost its way? 'Nough said, I like my job.

10. Anyone else but Donald Trump would have pulled the Devos nomination by now. But the Trumpster always doubles down. We need to stop her, but what will he do in response?

11. Hey, you ask. Why am I so anti-Donald Trump? That would take a long essay, but here's a short answer: He made me vote for Hillary Clinton, something I swore I would never do.

11.5: Unlike a politician or a calculating media type, I will lay it out in the sunshine. This is what I think. I started this blog to let you see inside my hard head, made of stone. Let's crack that stone cranium open and see what's inside.

12. We made it past Groundhog Day. And yet, in an invocation of the famous movie, don't you wish we were caught in a Groundhog Day, in which we kept repeating the day until we got it right?