Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Dear Marco ...

Dear Senator Rubio,

Thank you (not so much) for your canned response to my very serious concerns. This is not the first time you have sent me an "interim response" with no final response coming ever.

Thank you for patronizing me without an attempt to hear my concerns and respond as one human being to another. While I recognize that you cannot personally respond to every communication you receive nor can you hire enough staff to do the same, you could sort your contacts by topic and have meaningful responses rather than the blather you send.

You might even go opposite to every politician's instinct and put into your responses what you will do without worrying about losing a vote.

I would respect that.

This, not so much: "Thank you for taking the time to contact me. Your correspondence has been received and I welcome the opportunity to address your concerns. Hearing directly from constituents such as yourself is truly an honor, and your input is much appreciated."

You are notorious for not showing up to work and these days, with your family's immigrant background, you must want to hide more than ever. While your party demands compliance at all levels with a xenophobic president, you must disagree.

Floridians want something better: a courageous Senator who will work to see the right thing done regardless of personal benefit or cost. Could you find it within yourself to oppose the executive order banning entry into this country by persons holding green cards or visas? Could you decide to buck your leadership to oppose the worst Cabinet nomination in over a century? Will you vote against Betsy Devos?

Life is not a presidential run, dear Marco. Life is about making the right choices in whatever circumstances in which you find yourself. If you are indeed destined to lead a great nation, then like Winston Churchill, you will find the 'wings of fate' beating above your head. Churchill was a used-up, washed-up backbencher warning against Hitler. Everyone thought him 'past it,' as the Brits would say. Then he turned out to be right and the only man available when the crisis came.

He wound up being the only commoner in 1000 years of English history to have his profile on England's coins.

He spoke out in favor of truth without a worry of being Prime Minister or getting anyone's favor. Will you do the same?

Can you do the same? Because a crisis is coming. Surely you see that. (Tweet, tweet.)

Twice now you asked us to send you to the Senate. The second time after you said you were done. What do you go back for? Please say for the people of Florida, not your personal ambitions or whatever carrots your party's professional politicians, elite, and powers dangled before you.

Thus, you are committed to the job, right? Your second term will not be marked by your fellow Senators shouting "Marco" in the pool and hoping to hear your faint return "Polo." You will show up for votes and committee work. And you will stand for what's right and Florida citizens.

Prove it. Oppose the attempts to roll back the New Deal. Support and save Social Security, including Medicare. Stop the privatization of our public schools. Oppose the wall. Support enforcement of existing law.

Promote justice, domestic tranquility, the common welfare, and the blessings of liberty.

Very truly yours,

Gregory Sampson