Saturday, February 11, 2017

Guns in Schools (Revisited)

It really is a Tale of Two Cities in my domicile, the City of Jacksonville, FL, the "Bold New City of the South."

Two years ago, I wrote about children bringing guns to schools after a day in which two middle school students in my school were arrested for having handguns, one of which was loaded:

Recently, the issue has arisen again due to two news events: one for the public school system, and; one for a private school,

A public system; a private school. There are arrests; there are no arrests. Students are expelled; students are 'dismissed.' School police are automatically called in; Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is not called. Schools for everyone regardless of income; schools for those who can afford it.

Different outcomes.

By all means there should be consequences for children who endanger other children even if 'it was a mistake,' 'these are good boys,' or 'they were afraid.' We hear these excuses every time. Even mistakes carry consequences.

But I can't help noticing how wealth makes a difference. Those who can afford private tuition: their children are excused when a mistake is made. Those who cannot: their children are arrested and go into the criminal justice system. No excuse is allowed.